Sunday, 14 June 2015

Importance of People Management

As we all know, people management plays an important role in the success of any assignment and growth of an organization/country. Countries like US, UK, Japan etc give higher weightage for People Management and at the same time people also adhere to the rules and regulation set by the organization/country. The same adherence is also followed in Public that is major difference between our country and other developed countries. But why this is not followed in our country has been a very challenging task & mission not accomplished. People both in public and in organization don't adhere much to rules and regulation. They should understand the benefit that following by rules and regulation it is going to make their task easy rather they think it is an unwanted thing to be given importance. Let us a take an example of a Government Bus which has got a set of rules like total number of passengers can travel, Passenger should not stand on foot board, should not smoke inside bus, separate reservation of Ladies seats. In these none of them are followed by any of the passenger and above which many don't take tickets. Sometimes when they are caught by a Ticket Checking squad, a fine is imposed but this has never brought a change in percentage of people not taking tickets. These are some qualities people show in their work environment which eventually cause failure for many projects. People Management requires the following parameters into consideration
1. Training on importance of people management for all staff irrespective of cadre along with assessment based on scenario
2. Usage of rules and regulation along with their benefits
3. Resource and Time Management
4. Workshops showcasing the benefits of people management.
5. For successful People management, leader or government need to take enormous efforts for which best approaches should be adopted and tried in our environment or country. Output valuation is important on daily and weekly as initial phase of implementation.
People management is an art for which people at top management requires adequate leadership qualities along with motivation which combines together to make or accomplish a goal or task successfully. Let us take an example of a leader who comes to his people and appreciates for their work which not keeps the people united but also the surrounding in a disciplined manner. As we all know every qualities possessed and followed in our daily life turns into professional management skill. The way a leader guides a depressed or an affected employee back to a successful employee shows his leadership quality and the management of his people/resource of his organization. This quality we get from our elders or tutor or friends or relatives but using it on the right occasion makes him a successful leader of his employees. When we have some volunteers guiding the passengers on the safety measures in travel it will bring only a minor change but to bring major change the bus conductor should not allow the passengers to board after the limit and ensure a smooth journey for the boarded passenger. To accomplish this the Government has to initially make people understand the danger involved in standing on foot board, traveling without ticket but to get this change it will take many years in country as many have followed shortcuts in their life both in travel and in official life. At present many sign boards are put but almost everyone ignores it for which fine alone doesn't changes a person but have to make them understand, that is major challenge in people management. Points to be noted in challenges are
1. Making a person understand the positive and negative of a situation or task.
2. Approach to handle each person.
3. Monitoring techniques
4. Benefits by working in team or unity as country.
5. Involvement of people.
A good example for the above points was current campaign on Swatch Bharath (Clean India). This need not be a campaign. A basic cleanness at home makes people to keep the environment clean. When people within house are united then to locality then to country. When this is accomplished automatically everything will be successful in the growth of a nation/organization. But this should have a time frame like how we have for a project. When we do for US we adhere why not the same enthusiasm when it is done for our country is something has to be achievement in near future if the same strictness is imposed on our people & for our assignments. Hope to accomplish 100% on this in near future is to be the goal of today's organization or Government ranging from Agriculture to environment & health campaign to technology.

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