Saturday, 14 December 2013

Importance of Training for employees in an Industry

In this blog we are going to see the "Importance of training for employees in an industry & how it accelerates the growth of an industry". We all know that in the current trend industries have got lot of technologies and they are updated regularly in order to keep themselves in line with the market requirement. So it also makes the employees to be updated with their respective technologies & along with that they have the required documents available readily Online. So why we have to emphasize more on In house trainings on a regular basis and in what way is it going to add value to an employee? How is the current trend of Training in today's industries? Are companies making a financial budget  for Training? Do HR work with the respective teams of their organization to know their team requirement? How a system should be made for such in house training? Do training have to be made compulsorily as part of KRA metrics? Let me provide an explanation below for these questions.
An employee may be well versed in his technical skill set but will be moderate or poor in his professional skill sets likewise vice versa with some employees. In this scenario it is important for a team leader  to make a note of these weakness of an employee and try to check with HR if there can arrange some programs for Soft Skills or respective technical training which can eventually benefit the employee. Employee should consider this training in positive approach. Team Leaders should have a meeting with the employee not only for the progress of the project but also should motivate his team member to share their requirement which will help up the ladder of their career. We have got portals for Project Management System likewise there should be portal for team requirement which HR should check and provide their support to the respective team. 
In the current trend of industries HR try to give the initial training or directly make the employee to work as trainee under the guidance of senior staff before assigning their respective job responsibilities or project. So the scope of getting them updated with the latest technologies becomes limited & they are forced to check with the training institutes to get them updated with the technologies This initiatives if it is taken by HR would actually benefit even many employees as they work as well as attend the training without making the employee to go in search of institute. Training has not been made compulsory as many industries try to focus more on projects and client rapports thereby generating revenue to showcase it in their year end financial reports. Unless an employee get the required training he/ she will not be able to grow up the professional ladder of the organization. If a company supports an employee in getting technical and professional training they would really be trustworthy for that Organization. HR should be make training as a metrics in the employees KRA and it is the duty of an employee to highlight their requirement on regular basis. HR has to review this requirement with the respective team leader and project manager in order to arrange for those respective training. A schedule has to be made for those training on a monthly basis along with that they should check if they sufficient budget for that financial year. A report has to be made on the feedback of the training which need to be checked with the success of each project & in what way it has added value to the customer satisfaction.
HR in many companies today doesn't make proper financial budget for training. Training and development should compulsorily be there in an organization with some well versed in house trainers. Financial Budget should be made based on the project they have and soft skill is something essential for every young professionals. HR should constantly work with every team and get their inputs on regular basis on the training requirements. This has be highlighted to the management to get the necessary approvals. HR should not work for getting the right resource but should also work towards employee satisfaction by providing trainings and other professional benefits. In many small industries concepts of training lacks thereby putting an individual into trouble as he has completely depends on Online resources and external trainings to get himself inline with the current technology in the market.
HR works comparatively less with their internal team thereby give less importance for training. In the present trend an employee focus on the completion of the task and also make sure that they get the require financial growth if not quit the organization. This is something similar to function of a machine which takes the required input and stops after providing the required output. Their life time based on the quality, brand and the cost. That is How is today's involvement of HR in training. They make re-reimbursement for the trainings attended by an employee by not seeing how that training going to add value to their organization or assignments. This is important reason why HR has be emphasize more on in house training system thereby benefiting both employee and organization. If I am SAP employee he/she has to be updated regularly in order keep themselves updated with the technology & the market. This is what is going to boost "Employee Satisfaction"
System as know is a life cycle of a process or a target. HR should have a system that they would have a team for training who constantly works on the Employee Training Portal & check what is the current months requirement. Then arrange for a meeting with middle management staff to see the requirement of those training. Accordingly work for external training institutes or freelance consultant. Get the required quote and put forward the proposal for the approval of senior management. Schedule the training and email the employees on their slot. Once after the completion of training they should be compulsory assessment and feedback on the trainer. This is something can be termed as "Trainer Management System" which is going to maintain the information on the respective trainers thereby simplifying their need for trainers.
Training should be compulsorily be part of KRA and it should based on their project or required soft skill training. Training attended by employee with his own interest which is directly or indirectly helping the industry should also be considered. There should always be an appreciation if an employee takes an initiative to learn new technologies or improve their soft skill. To the maximum extent a company needs to motivate an employee to grow within the industry and ensure he stays with the organization for long with a lot of satisfaction both professionally and financially based on merit.
So HR should make it a point that Training should be made compulsory in every organization which will not helps in the growth of an organization but in getting employee satisfaction. HR should always have a budget and system before commencing with Training. Training is an art and it has to be framed properly.

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