Sunday, 29 September 2013

Negative influence of Commercialization on Customer relationship management

In today's busy business world, many industries have got commercialized which directly or indirectly affects their relationship with the customer. Let us see with an example on how it affects and what have been the consequence?

In traditional system education was given to students in order to gain knowledge and also guided them on the right path which gave them the success throughout their career with minimal failure. Knowledge should be well balanced, it should provide both theoretical and practical aspect of a subject. Here the "Guru" or teacher thought of providing knowledge to student and aligned them toward the bright side of life. But the same educational system  has got commercialized in various ways in today's trend. If a student have to study they have to pay donation for admission, payment for the dresses, sports, books, shoes, bags etc...which many parents won't be affordable to pay. Every parent expects his/her daughter/son to study in a good school with better coaching and discipline. Above all today's parents wait in queue for the admission of LKG/UKG in most of the best schools around various metropolitan cities & Towns. Even after this they try in government schools where the quality of infrastructure, hygiene, environment to study etc...have been pathetic. Here the customer for the school is Students and their vision should be "Providing quality education". So in order to provide a customer satisfaction school should restructure their admission system, fees which will be affordable for students from every category of society. Education should always teach them the discipline in life and not aversion for studies. This makes the parents of the students as a delightful customer. Commercialization would only give capital to the school but not customer satisfaction & quality education system.

Likewise lets see this w.r.t Yoga or any other health related sector. When a patient goes to a hospital his prayers to Almighty is should return healthy. In traditional system doctors have great respect and affection towards their patient. Even though there was no sophisticated technology like today in those days doctors always gave positive energy to their patients which have cured many of them. This made the doctor and their clinic/hospital famous due to their customer relationship i.e. patients. But in today's fast moving and technology world many doctors see patients as a headache or burden for them. They do their duty for cost and not for making the patient as a delightful customer. If we refer a hospital "X" as a famous for cardiology, it will through our experience or information from our relatives, friends. But the same X hospital might have not been customer satisfactory for Y person might be due to some reason. But this percentage has been more in today's hospital due to commercialization. If a doctor is famous/best he is not a GOD, he is a human being like us. Hospital should have a system in the cost it can be more but the approach to treat a patient should give him/her the confidence that they will return back "Healthy and be a satisfied customer". This depends on their hospital facility, system of processing their health related reports, proper appointment system to meet the doctor, their stay if they are admitted which includes their attitude of the Nurses, transportation facility if any, payment system etc all together makes a customer delightful. This is seem very less in today's medical system which includes even Yoga. Yoga is a systematic approach to keep oneself healthy and above all resistant enough from various ailments which includes back pain, headaches, obesity etc. But this has been commercialized by many consultant who charges 1000 per sitting and by the time the patient becomes he should have paid Rs. 20000-30000. But the same was taught free by many volunteers which has now turned as a business. Every aspect has turned to be business rather sharing of knowledge. 

So how this affects the customer satisfaction?

1. Customer lands up paying enormous amount until he arrives or not arrives at a solution.
2. He/She will be dissatisfied with the institute/hospital once after undergoing a treatment or training but the quality may be as specified in their website or the ways they should have convinced the customer before joining them.
3. Company goes into a loss once customer spreads this information over social networking media. Today media delivers the information to many within seconds
4. Customer will be both a well wisher and an enemy for any organization. But for commercialized organization he will turn as an  enemy once after going through their process or system.

So organizations should see how to develop a process that focuses on providing the service to the society which will  "add value to the customer" rather not making them a dissatisfied customer. Commercialization will only lead an organization to drastic downfall in their growth along with not providing an opportunity to revive back and build a customer satisfactory image in the market.

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