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Customer Relationship Management - Model based on Process Excellence & Tradional Approach

As we all know "Customer Relationship Management" plays a vital role not only in retaining it's valuable customers but also in growth of an organization in this competitive environment. It gives clarity to a customer on wide range of their queries w.r.t company products, usage, ordering procedures etc... The process flow of customer relationship management varies with industry to industry but focus should always focus towards "Satisfying the customer". But what is the difference between the traditional customer relationship approach and current system of customer relationship management which is system based? How far customer are satisfied with this current approach?

Traditional Customer relationship management before the existence of IT was given importance but was not known much to all of us as technology in those period was limited. The process excellence framework was already in practice and was systematically followed even without the usage of IT. The only drawback was review of feedback reports, market trend reports where not available in graphical or tabular format as we get by means of sophisticated applications and even the requirement of information's in those format where not much required as the business areas where limited. Let us take an example of Library Management System in traditional approach  was mainly managed using the library registers and card system. A registered member of a library takes their required books. Then he/she has to get it marked on the register of the librarian by producing their ID Card. Librarian will then enter the date of taking and return date of the book in the card attached at the back of the Book. If the customer has a query on the availability of the book the librarian was in a position to tell the exact status. He can tell the relocated rack of the requested book and also the alternate book written by different author if not available. Here he adds a value to a customer. But the same process is structured as a application but the time taken has been the same by adding less value to customer satisfaction. But the time spent by a librarian on seeing the stock of the book and providing the alternate author is less as he relies on the application to fetch the information. Librarian should have knowledge on application and also be updated with most of the frequently moving books available in the library. That small additional knowledge will delight the customer. When a librarian sees a new customer he should give an introduction on their library and ranges of books available with them along with that he should share the portfolio that gives an idea to a customer who might become their member.

Main Expectations
1. Organization of books in the library.
2. Process flows of library management right from guiding the customer, getting the information updated in the system, giving the information on membership charges, days the book can be used, additional days extension procedure etc... which includes even the customer support executives
3. Providing special offers to new & existing customers.

In today's scenario many areas there had been a drawback right from customer follow up for their membership card, getting the right information for the query, hardly few libraries have updates on the special offers available, many library have information which are outdated. Many of us have started giving less importance to library rather diverted to e-books or going for ordering new books. But in case of students or a reader from a background of less incomes prefers library so their customer relationship management with IT should be even more systematic and customer focused. In traditional approach librarians knows most of the members names and the books he/she prefers. That was the real "Customer Relationship Management".

So in the traditional approach importance for the customer was equally provided along with the growth of the organization. In today's trend many sector focus on the quantity of the customers and movement of their products but doesn't much importance on the quality of product or service. Service or query the information provided to the customer should be Precise and it should answer to their question. It should not make the customer to put the same query. So customer relationship management is all about following the right process to provide right information to the right customer at right time.

So always first comes the process which is finally going to the feedback and decides the growth of any organization. In 1980-90's when we get a product we were assured that the product last for 10-15 years if we maintain them well but today a customer relationship agent says that the part not available in case of a mobile phone after 6 months. So buying a mobile or any product for feature is not going to satisfy a customer but the life of a product.

Customer Relationship Model (Traditional Approach) = Systematic + Reliable + Customer Focused + Proper Time Management + Additional care for known customers + Quality & Quantity focused + Everyone aimed for positive growth of an organization + Belief on customer

Current Approach using IT (Model: - Traditional) = System (Systematic) + Not Reliable + Not truly customer focused + Quantity focused & not quality + Not focused on continuous positive focus of an organization + Not adding much value to even known customer + No proper information (Majority) + No proper communication channels followed (especially HR, Customer support from Telecommunication, Car Dealers, Government Offices etc)

In today's Government Services with IT how many citizens of this country are benefited especially in agriculture, small sector industries, education system, Aadhar card system.  Many of these are not been addressed to the level of satisfaction as there is no knowledge to these citizens from rural and urban region. They only have belief that the Government will do Good. But it is the duty of Tech savy & literate people to teach them the process w.r.t to IT. Many organizations have taken initiatives to teach people in these regions but how this can made as a wide spread which in turn benefit these sector to execute their task efficiently, customer & time focused. In what way process can be realigned to address these gaps to make Current approach as same as Traditional approach in terms of Customer relationship Management.

So based on this current topics kindly provide your valuable comments and suggestions. Also any queries kindly let me know.

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